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The Story of Precious

When a little life gives back so much more love than it asks for in return, even while enduring painful rehabilitation for near death injuries, it deserves a special thank you.

Interior designer Betsy Boggs was so moved by the courage and grace of her rescued dog Precious, she decided the special friend should be rewarded with no less than a Palace fit for a Princess.

Precious was lovingly given a handcrafted interior pet house, designed by Betsy, and inspired by the Queen Marie Antoinette's priceless 18th century kennels that Betsy had seen in Versailles. Thus was born the first Precious Palace.

A mixed breed Papillion and King Charles Spaniel, Precious was rescued one rainy night by Betsy and a friend from the treacherous white line of a superhighway between Savannah and Hilton Head.

Precious had been badly injured and was near death. Without thought to her own safety, Betsy, a lifetime pet lover, scooped up the little dog and saved her from being hit by passing vehicles. Precious had no identification, leaving Betsy no clue of her health or ownership. After seeking immediate medical treatment for Precious, Betsy adopted her and she joined sisters Luvy, a black/tan, long-haired dachshund; and Contessa, a blonde, wire-haired, soft coated dachshund.

Precious was loving and devoted to Betsy's family and the other dogs, obviously grateful for her new life. Sadly, she lost her battle with a pre-existing illness and passed away on July 5, 2002 after being with the family for four wonderful years.

Betsy thinks about Precious everyday and misses her very much.

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