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This stylish Mongolian Tent Precious Palace was inspired by those used by Genghis Khan and his officers. Its opulent colors are topped with a gold finial and ostrich plumes, designating royalty and high rank. All palaces are custom designed with the pet and owner’s needs in mind. Clients may select from a range of fabrics and finishes.

(Does NOT include fabric, finial, or feathers)

(With fabric, trim and finish pictured)

Requires 5 yards.

Requires 11 yards.

Total of 1.
Total of 4.

22"W. x 25"D. x 30"H.

Lead Time:
Please allow 10 to 12 weeks (from receipt of 50% deposit and confirmation of all details) for delivery.

Balance due must be paid prior to shipping. All shipping is C.O.D. No returns or exchanges

For more information contact
Betsy Boggs at 212-980-3677.

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